Boomtown Beirut

Beirut has always stood its ground as a kind of playground for Arabs and Europeans in search of oriental liberality. With a return to gradual political stability and considerable economic investments, Beirut recently seems to be back on map. The enormous cultural diversity and liberalness bring along a vibrant mix of lifestyles on one hand but with the conjunct slight lawlessness also entail noumerous socio-political problems on the other hand.

Geo magazine 2010


Beirut, view from Damascus Road

Raghda Mouawad studied theater in France an after seven years came back to live in Beirut

Hamra, West Beirut

Beginning of term at the American University of Beirut; Above: Rue Gouraud, Gemmayzeh

A young lady leaving ›White-Club‹ is receiving her car at the valet parking

A commercial is beeing shot on the rooftop of Palm Beach Hotel

Rue Abdel Wahab, Achrafieh

The Basement

Jade Souaid, dj and former singer of Blend, the first signed alternative rock band of the region

West Beirut

De Prague Cafe, Hamra, West Beirut

Noor with her brother, sister and mother in Sanayeh public garden

Hamra Street


Assem Salam, architect, at his house

Banque du Liban, Hamra

Andreas, owner of Torino Express bar

Rue Gouraud, Gemmayzeh

Place des Martyrs, in front of Al-Amin mosque


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