Dario, apprentice

Potato field next to the farmstead at Filisur, Graubünden, Switzerland

Marcel and Sabina checking the plants during potato blooom


Las Sorts

At a height of slightly more than 1,000 meters above sea level and following strict methods of organic farming, Marcel und Sabina Heinrich Tschalèr grow a large and different variety of potato under tough conditions  – with lots of effort and equal passion.

Albula valley, Graubünden, Switzerland

Greenpeace Magazin 2017

Severin, apprentice

Marcel Heinrich Tschalèr, potato farmer

Plant breeding at a high altitude mountain outpost

Sorting with the vibrating machine

Severin, Céline and Dario after work



Andrina, farmer’s daughter

Sorting in the barn

Sorting with the vibrating machine


Céline in her bedroom

Severin rolling-up protection gauze



Céline packing small units for the farm sale

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