Sant’Anna di Stazzema

Sant‘Anna di Stazzema is a small italian village near Lucca. On August 12, 1944, retreating SS-men rounded up 560 villagers and refugees - mostly women, children and older men - shot them and then burned their bodies. The massacre is considered as one of the most cruel atrocities of world war II. Survivors keep commemoration and established a memorial site.

Tuscany, Italy

Text by Christiane Kohl
Story nominated Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Prize 2000 

SZ-Magazin 1999

The village square in front of the church where german SS-personnel burned the dead bodies

Enrico Pieri, survivor

Enio Mancini, survivor

Sant' Anna di Stazzema

Natalina Bottari, survivor

Nicola Bardalacchi, guerrilla fighter and survivor

Found objects from victims

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