Peter Thiel, investor and co-founder of PayPal – Bilanz magazine

Diverse portraiture from business and polity

Bernd Hasse, CEO Peach Property Group

Lili Yuan, general manager Titan Ltd. – Enorm magazine

Ronald Konings, CEO Tebodin Middle East Ltd., Abu Dhabi – for Bilfinger

Roland Berger, entrepreneur and consultant – Die ZEIT

Rupert Stadler, CEO Audi AG – Weltwoche

Nils Holger Moormann, designer – brand eins magazine

Rajeev Suri, CEO Nokia Siemens – Financial Times

German Federal Minister of Agriculture Ilse Aigner with colleagues from the conservative party – Stern magazine

Katharina Jessel, marketing director – Maxi magazine

Tanja Gönner, politician – Greenpeace Magazin

Clemens Haindl, factory owner – Die ZEIT

Renate Schmidt, politician – SZ-Magazin

Klaus Stammen, politician – SZ-Magazin

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