Refugees arriving in Munich

During the first September weekend 2015 within only two days more than 14,000 people arrived via Hungary from Syria and Afghanistan, Africa and the Balkans at Munich’s central train station. At this early stage of the so called ›refugee crisis‹, immigrants were received with a tremendous sense of solidarity by Munich citizens and authorities.

Stern magazine 2015

Syrian refugees Selda and Rakan had their baby born en route in the chaos of Budapest train station. On arrival in Munich little Sadan still had her umbilical cord and the family was emergency hospitalised straightaway...

Refugees queueing up to get their medical check before they will enter busses for emergency shelter transfers, Munich central train station

Ghofran Fetaiti with Tunesian roots helps as a first aider Red Cross medic; At this point she has been working for more then 18 hours without sleep

Arriving family members reunited; Above: refugees welcomed by Munich citizens

Refugees at a police waiting-line on the train platform

The lettering at the Budapest train’s locomotive says ›Spirit of Hungary‹; Irony of fate with Hungary’s hardline policies pushing thousands of refugees to leave the country towards other European states

…on arrival late at night, waiting to proceed through security checks

Sami from Eritrea

In front of central train station, leaving the medical check

A refugee, arriving at Munich central station, carries a portrait of German chancellor Angela Merkel; News-photographers’ zoom-lens-shots of this situation became widely published internationally…

Marina Lessing from a community based organisation coordinates the volunteers

Food supply inside the central train station

Syrian refugees about to enter a bus for emergency shelter transfers

...queueing up to get their medical check

Refugees on transfer from central train station to an emergency shelter at a nearby public school

Turkish fellows bringing clothing donations

A piano has been donated by a public school to be played at the emergency shelter

Munich’s mayor Dieter Reiter speaking to international media

Emergency shelter at Munich trade fair center Messe Riem

A Charity shop with a clothing bank and garment hand-out at Bayernkaserne emergency shelter

Marwan from Eritrea, Bayernkaserne

Abdi from Eritrea, Bayernkaserne

Fessehaye from Eritrea, Bayernkaserne

Garment hand-out, Bayernkaserne

Charitable donations, Bayernkaserne