Displaced II – Refugees at the German border

Photographed during the last days of October 2015

Stern magazine 2015

Neuhaus border crossing, bridge over river Inn

Paulhallen emergency shelter, Passau

Bus transfer, Paulhallen emergency shelter, Passau

Leyla, Afghanistan, Paulhallen emergency shelter, Passau

Federal police command centre, Passau

Paulhallen emergency shelter, Passau

Afghan child, Paulhallen emergency shelter, Passau

Simbach border crossing

Milad & Danyal, Afghanistan, Simbach reception center

Moustapha, Afghanistan, Simbach reception center

Simbach emergency shelter

River Inn at Braunau - Simbach border crossing


Achleiten border crossing

Achleiten border crossing

Yassir from Syria, Wegscheid border area

Wegscheid border area

Undercover border patrol, Wegscheid border area

Bonfire, Wegscheid border area

Mohammed, Iraq, Wegscheid border area

Busses departing from German territory, Wegscheid border crossing

Border sign federal state of Bavaria, Wegscheid border crossing

Federal police floodlight, Wegscheid border crossing

Emergency shelter, Wegscheid border crossing

Waiting area for asylum seekers for Austria, emergency shelter, Wegscheid border crossing

Austrian busses arriving at Wegscheid border crossing

German busses departing from Wegscheid border crossing

Central train station, Passau

Special refugee trains are prepared for transfers to reception centers in other German federal states, central train station, Passau

Central train station, Passau

Tarek, Nabil and Lâmi from Afghanistan in a special refugee train to Cologne; Above: Karim, Afghanistan