Displaced III – Cabin Fever

Asylum seeker’s life in transit and temporary accommodation in mass shelters often implicate a harmful lack of privacy protection. Individuals reportedly get psychologically affected as they suffer from permanent noise, group tensions and increasing irritability...

Photographed at AWO reception center, Nuremberg

Text by Lea Hampel

BISS magazine 2016

Ifaa, Sudan

Eight-bed-cabin shared by Somali refugees from Ogaden, a territory currently claimed and dominated by Ethiopia

Damages at a cabin partition panel due to camp residents’ aggressions

Amaniel, Ethiopia

Hassan and Alex, Somalis from Ogaden territories, cooking in their cabin as the supplied aliment does not meet their food habits

Kidus from Ethiopia having lunch at the lobby where food is supplied once a day by external providers

There is scarcely any privacy in the camp’s central lobby

Alex from Somalia at lunch

Mohaned, Iraq

Modular container cabins inside the transit camp; Above: Eight-bed-cabin shared by asylum seekers from different origins; There are no ceilings and it’s noisy at night

Mohaned, Ahmed and Ali from Iraq

Restrooms show demolished doors as a result of psychic tensions among the residents

Ahmed, Iraq

A group of young Iraqis in their cabin

Nabil, Iraq

Hassan, Somalia

Kidus, Ethiopia

Hassan, Somalia

Ahmed, Iraq

Seven-years old Osama arrived from Syria with his parents; While in the transit-camp he has been suffering from serious sleep disturbances and insomnia

Inside the shared multi-bed cabins blankets are used to obtain privacy

Yeshi came with her husband Ifaa from Sudan. She is one of only two women in the camp. And she is pregnant..

Ifaa, Yeshi’s husband, Sudan