Aziz, Afghanistan

I had to leave my home country because I was in danger and had no chance to live there anymore. It took me 45 days to get to Germany. I don't know exactly how, because we often fled at night, most of the time when it was really dark. My wish is that no people should go this way that I went. Because it is very, very dangerous for the children or for mom, dad or rather for those who are a bit older.
In Germany I like everything, for example democracy for men and women, or in general I find very good that everybody can live as he/she wants. In my country I love everything when everyone can live in peace, or eat in peace and not have to let go of food and run away every second because of the damn bloody war. I wish that light shines on everyone's lips when they smile. I wish that every mom again sits together with her children in peace at a table and can eat with a smile in her mouth.

Staircase 2nd floor

Aziz’s cupboard in his personal room

Entry to Germany: 2016
Residency permit status: temporary / pending asylum procedure
Education status: lower secondary education certificate (level 2) / apprentice
Career aspiration: salesperson

Aziz’s school in Afghanistan


The route from his parents' house to school


Aziz’s home in Afghanistan

I was at school in Afghanistan.
the teacher beat me.
I could not study when
the teacher beat me.
when they beat me, I forget everything.

At school in Germany
no teacher beats me,
so I can remember everything well.

Homework for school, titled ›My native village‹

Aziz at the facility’s shared living room

Aziz and Hakim, a flatmate from Syria

Cleaning duty in the shared accommodation

Leaving for football training

Trip to the park

Bavarian fairground

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