Instructions for fitness exercises sent by the father from home

Esmael, Iran

Tattoo saying: My father is a lion hunter

Entry to Germany: 2017
Residency permit status: temporary / pending asylum procedure
Education status: lower secondary education (level 2) pupil
Career aspiration: hairdresser, car mechanic

Esmael in his personal bedroom

Q  Why did you want or have to leave your homeland?
A  Don’t want to talk about it.

Q  How did you get to Germany and how long were you traveling?
A  Four days by airplane.

Q  Is there anything you would like to share about this journey so that others can learn about it?
A  No comment [blanc]

Q  What do you particularly like in Germany?
A  Security.

Q  What do you like better in your home country?
A  Culture.

Q  What do you wish for your future?
A  I don’t know yet.

Faravahar, secular national and cultural symbol of Zoroastrianism, partly persecuted by the Iranian regime [screengrab by coutesy from private collection]

Esmael with his brother and their father at his gym in Iran [screengrab by coutesy from private collection]

Esmael’s former car in Iran

Foot injury...


In his room at the facility


Esmael is a wrestler and part of a German team

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