Khalif, Somalia

Entry to Germany: 2015
Residency permit status: restricted 3-year residence / asylum approved
Education status: lower secondary education (level 2) certificate / apprentice
Career aspiration: mechatronics engineer

Khalif in his personal bedroom

If I were asked
why I am with you,
I would answer that I saw my
in you and
always wanted to have
such a kind man near me!

Q  Why did you want or have to leave your homeland?
A  That's what my family decided for me. There was a war, you're not safe.

Q  How did you get to Germany and how long were you traveling?
A  I was still young, I can't remember exactly. We came by plane.

Q  What do you particularly like in Germany?
A  Education, that different people work together and understand each other - it's more colorful than at home.

Q  What do you like better in your home country?
A  The fast breaking [Eid al-Fitr] is celebrated big at home

Q  What do you wish for your future?
A  Success, happiness, a good life.

Collected bank statements and letters


Frozen pizza in the community kitchen

A trip to the park near the facility

Bavarian fairground

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