Weekly group meeting with Tanja, the social workers' new team leader

Youth work & common affairs

BMF is a stationary youth welfare facility and cares for unaccompanied minor refugees. The socio-pedagogical support promotes the independent lifestyle of the young refugees, while taking into account the existing resources. Identity formation is enabled and a development of perspectives is motivated through orientation and integration assistance.
Amongst others, one partially supervised living group for male under-age refugees is based at a residential building in one of Munich’s north-western neighbourhoods. A team of five social workers is taking care of up to ten adolescents or young man in two shared accomodations within the building. Each resident has their own room with a shared kitchen and living room.

Weekly group meeting with Linda, a social workers' team member

On migration, integration and identity: interview with Benjamin Hermann, Social Worker at BMF, non profit housing project for unaccompanied under-age refugees and migrants in Munich, Germany (currently in German language only)

Internet connectivity is crucial for all residents; For reasons of youth protection regulations, however, the line must be filtered by external service providers, which makes it slower than desired

Social worker Linda at the office helping Kubrom with administrative paper work

Social workers Linda and Elena help with the installation of the x-Box

Social worker Anna at the office, having a conversation with Abdi

Social worker Linda discussing issues with the locked refrigerator at the shared kitchen



The residents have cleaning duty in the shared kitchen several times a week

Flatmates from Nigeria, Tunesia, Afghanistan and Syria watching TV at the facility’s living room


Administrative affairs

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