Beirut Zero Eight

Cultural diversity and political contradictions, Lebanon 2008

Charbel and Abed, Hazmieh, East Beirut

Participants leaving prayer pass by the Kataeb maronite party's headquater. Depicted Pierre A. Gemayel, son of the party's founder, was assassinated in 2006

Saudi embassy attachee searching for his limousine, Place des Martyrs

Inauguration of Sunni Muslim Al Amin Mosque, Place des Martyrs

Mohammed and Sariah

Ain El Mreisseh

Raghda and Nasser after their premiere, Al Madina Theatre, Hamra; Above: Nada, Gemmayzeh



Scrambled Eggs wearing dessous on stage, Quadrangle Club, East Beirut; Above: Sariah, Mohammed, Ali and Raghda

Greenline, Place des Martyrs



On the fringes of the inauguration ceremony of the Al Amin Mosque

Hamra, West Beirut

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