Bernie Sanders campaign headquarters, Charlotte, North Carolina

Rivka celebrating Sanders’ winning the Colorado Democratic primary election at the Sanders campaign’s meeting venue on Super-Tuesday; Charlotte, North Carolina


Politicians, activists and others disagree about what progressivism exactly means.
Though, most Progressives want to see more economic and environmental justice as well as social equality - and hope to see more gains in gender, race and human rights. They're also supportive of social programmes directed by the state - and they'd like social movements have more power in the U.S.

[Blue Donkey & Red Elephant – Episode #01]

Soqib volunteers in the Sanders campaign

Jason, owner of an alternative activity space on the fundamentals of Progressivism, Charlotte, North Carolina

Rivka at the Bernie Sanders campaign’s headquarter, Charlotte, North Carolina

Ben, Ava and John installing an alternative D.I.Y. bench ad; Cincinnati, Ohio

Ben, activist and musician, on consumerist approaches to politics




Canvassing for the Sanders campaign with self made postcards

Chris, Socialist Alternative; Cincinnati, Ohio

               Chris and comrades at a viewing event during the Democratic debate; Cincinnati, Ohio

Emma, Socialist Alternative; Cincinnati, Ohio

Emma on socialist activism

Emma, telephone briefing with Socialist Alternative comrades

Stesha; Cincinnati, Ohio

Stesha on anarchism

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