Chandler & Jack

Jack lives alone with his daughter Chandler in South Fairmont, one of Cincinnati’s western suburbs, as his spouse and Chandler’s mother died several years ago. Jack works as a gardener and handyman. Chandler finished high school and now works for DHL. Both try to find their way through the conditions in which they live. Sometimes smiling, sometimes not...

[Blue Donkey & Red Elephant – Episode #14]



Jack’s father

With her earned income, Chandler would not be able to buy a car; Though, she wanted to be more independent and decided to lease one

Beverly, Chandler‘s sister

Jack’s rented house

Jack and his neighbor

Jack working on-the-job with the plants

Chandler on being low and going ahead

Jack about Donald Trump

Shaniyah, Chandler’s niece

Ronita, Chandler’s oldest sister, returning to her shift at Walmart