Barbara & Dave

Barbara and Dave live in a rural area in Northwestern Ohio. They are workers and like the slower pace of the country living, though they worked hard during their whole lives. They like a strong President. However, better health care policies would be necessary for their retirement. Family members live in the area nearby.

[Blue Donkey & Red Elephant – Episode #19]

Neighbouring houses next to Barbara and Dave, Anna, Ohio

Barbara’s sister Bonnie’s bedroom

Barbara’s daughter Amanda with her husband A.J. and their children, Kettlersville, Ohio

A.J. in his hobby room

Dave in front of his daughter-in-law’s house, Kettlersville, Ohio

Edna, aged 92, Barbara’s aunt at her brother’s house, St Henry, Ohio

Main Street, St Henry, Ohio

Pray to End Abortion, St Henry, Ohio

Northwestern Ohio

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