Jahalin Bedouin in Palestine

The Jahalin Bedouin lived in the Tel Arad region of the Negev prior to 1948. In the early 1950s, the Jahalin were evicted from their traditional lands by the Israeli army. They re-grouped east of Jerusalem to maintain their pastoral life-style and now are facing re-approved eviction plans by the Israeli authorities.

West Bank, Palestinian territories 2014 

Jameel falling asleep hugged by his daughter on July 8 2014, when Israeli air forces start air strikes on Gaza

Television in the community tent with Al Jazeera’s live coverage on Israeli air strikes taking place in Gaza at a linear distance of about 70km

Jameel’s wife leaving the community tent

Jameel coming back from the desert hills where the goat graze during the day

Khalil, his first born son

Jameel and his family live in a compound at a remote desert area between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea


Container dwellings labeled with tags by European Union Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection to avoid Israeli authorities to demolish

Living with the goat is essential for the Bedouin



Dead Sea

Khalil playing his instrument at the community tent

Muhammad Saaidi close to his house at Az Za'ayyem near Jerusalem

Ismael on his donkey

Ismael leaving the community tent with eviction order documents in his hands

Muhammad in the community tent

His neighbour's dwelling considered illegal and demolished by Israeli authorities


Yussuf holding a tamed desert bird

Adbul with his mother in front of their house

Abdul impressing his little brother

Yussuf has four sisters

Nabi Samwil north west of Jerusalem


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