The Khmu people are a mountain tribe and ethnic minority in northern Laos where they were the indigenous inhabitants and now constitute the largest minority group, comprising eleven percent of the total population. Close to the Chinese border and only accessible by foot on a trek of several days' duration through hilly forest areas there is an isolated small settlement of approximately 35 families on the banks of the Nam Ha River…

Nam Ha national protected area, Luang Namtha province, Northern Laos 2015

Villagers of the Khmu hill tribe, Nam Ha national protected area, Luang Namtha province

Nam Ha river

Zhu with her baby

Xiang‘s mother in front of their hut

Early in the morning a woman arrives from the jungle selling goods and toys for the children

Lanten hill tribe girl from a neighbouring village at a walking distance of two hours trough the forest..

A woman providing hair care comes to visit the village and offers her services


Zhu, Jingyu's daughter, visiting the neighbour




Fire clearing hazes the skies...

Pha's friend

Pha collecting leaves in the jungle

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