After completion of a rally of the pro-western March 14 Alliance, Achrafiye, East Beirut

Lebanon Elections 2009

Unlike Iran, Lebanon‘s 2009 parliamentary elections marked an important step towards the consolidation of democracy. Candidates and political parties proved their commitment to democratic principles in their swift acceptance of the election results. A majority of all Lebanese - Muslims, Christians and Druse - voted for the preservation of Lebanon‘s sovereignty and independence from any regional power. However as is typical of Lebanese politics political wrangling after the elections took 5 months...

Lebanon 2009

Granted by VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Adherents of March 14 Alliance celebrating during a rally in Achrafiye, East Beirut

Nadim Gemayel, candidate of the Christian Kataeb party, meets his supporters in the streets around Sassine Square in Achrafiye

Snipers on a building's rooftop surveiling a rally of March 14 Alliance

Supporter waving a flag of Maronite Christian Kataeb party

Adherents of pro-western March 14 Alliance during a rally in Achrafiye three days prior to election

Nadim Gemayel, candidate of the Christian Kataeb party

Amine Gemayel, leader of Christian Kataeb Party meets Lebanese Forces chairman Samir Geagea on a rally of March 14 Alliance in Achrafiye, East Beirut

Local staff observing the media coverage of the election campaign in the European Union election observers’ headquarter at the Beirut Moevenpick Hotel

Deployment of the EU short term observers, Beirut Moevenpick Hotel; Above: European Union election observers conference

Jose Ignacio Salafranca, chief observer of the European Union Election Observation Mission, opens the Zahrat al-Ihsan School polling station in Achrafiye, East Beirut

Election poster with former phalangist Samir Geagea in the background, Mount Lebanon

Election poster, Jounieh

On the eve of election day supporters show a united front in car convoys at the Hezbollah stronghold of Sour, South Lebanon

Young supporters of Hezbollah and Amal party on election day in Haret Hreik, South Beirut

Hezbollah supporters, Haret Hreik, South Beirut

Hezbollah billboard, Haret Hreik, South Beirut

Polling station, Haret Hreik, South Beirut

Pre-Elections are held for polling station staff members two days ahead in the national election headquarter at BIEL-Center, Beirut Financial District

Shortage of staff causes long dalays at a polling station in Hamra, West Beirut

Female voters awaiting to cast their ballots at a polling station in Achrafiye, East Beirut

Shortly before close-down female muslime voters complain about delays at a polling station in Hamra, West Beirut

Zahrat al-Ihsan School polling station, Achrafiye, East Beirut

Lebanese army post on election day, Sassine square, Achrafiye

Due to network capacity overloads mobile phones break down in some areas on election day, East Beirut

Nayla Tueni wins the Greek Orthodox seat in the Beirut I district

Adherents of Christian opposition's leader General Michel Aoun celebrate their regional succes in the electoral district of Keserwan

Adherents of the winning pro-western March 14 Alliance celebrating on Sassine square the day after elections

Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, accepts election results in a speech on Orange TV the day after election

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