Ziegental 77

Ziegental is a small village in Transylvania. At the southern edges of the municipality there is a settlement inhabited by a community of Roma people. Their living conditions are precarious. The whole settlement’s postal address is referred to by only one house number: seventy seven

Transilvania, Romania 2016

The settlement along the mud road has about 140 inhabitants that belong to the Roma ethnic community; Above: Prundaro in his house

Maria Ianco with the youngest of her four children

Prundaro with his father Ion and the neighbour’s son Florin

Prundaro’s wife

Prundaro’s sleeping room

Ion, father of Prundaro

…a pig has been slaughtered

Lenuta with her son in front of their house

Prundaro’s house


The mud road is only traversable by horse and cart; Above: Prundaro and his wife cutting firewood

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